MoonBikes - 100 % electric snowmobile

 The world's first 100% electric snowmobile is now in Poland.


I'm light, I'm quiet, I'm 100% eco-friendly - I can be YOURS.

Come to Witówextreme® and take me on an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime. 

I will take you to the highest peak of the Podtatrze - to Magura Witowska at over 1200m above sea level. We will ride through the most beautiful, truly mountain terrain. We will pass through a fairy-tale forest, through a Tatra glade. During the ride you will feel my power and capabilities. I am very easy to guide, our Witówextreme® instructor before the trip will tell you how to make fast friends with me. We will definitely get along, and I promise that we will spend moments together that you will never forget.

See you :)

Your MoonBike




Witów 205C

Witów-Ski Ski Station

(next to the small ski-lift)

34-512 Witów


+48 575 000 758