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Unfogettable attractions in Zakopane

Witów eXtreme is a team of experts in organizing attractions in Zakopane. We’ve been providing our clients with entertainment for years releasing emotions remembered long after our collaboration is finished. We choose only those attractions in Zakopane that will make true experience - we don’t use dull and hackneyed half-measures you would forget within a minute.

Zakopane attractions with Witów eXtreme is a wide spectrum of possibilities full of emotions - like snowmobiles or a quad trip around Zakopane - or relaxing, for stressed people who work too much. We strive to continuously tailor our efforts to our clients’ preferences, providing them - depending on their needs - with relaxation or pure entertainment.

What are our attractions?

The attractions organized by us near Zakopane cover for example:

- Quad and snowmobile trips.
- Sightseeing Zakopane and guided mountain trips.
- Off-road 4x4 vehicle trips.
- Helicopter sightseeing flights.
- Sport shooting contests.
- Fireside events accompanied by real highlander musicians.

- Organization of bachelorette/bachelor parties.

Additional attractions for people addicted to adrenaline.

For those who want to experience a real adrenaline feast we have Extreme Voyages.

Extreme Voyages combine many different ingredients creating one consistent adrenaline meal. This Zakopane’s attraction schedules e.g. riding on bumpy mountain routes, heavy marches with natural obstacles, extremely adverse topography and trips with the use of professional equipment. However, to reasonably dose the extreme, we will make you get familiar with all essential safety measures.

Why it is worth to bet on us?

The Zakopane attractions, in which Witów eXtreme is specialized, are meant for private individuals as well as for companies willing to organize an unforgettable integration party or a training for their employees. All types of entertainment, like snowmobiles or quads in Zakopane, we have been offering for more than 12 years. This period has allowed us to gain priceless experience and make our team experts in the attractions in Zakopane. You don't have to believe our word for word. Browse our galleries here, contact us or simply check it for yourself how much fun there is in a snowmobile or quad trip in Kościelisko, Witów and Zakopane.



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Extreme trips

If you are looking for even greater emotions - this offer is for you. The Extreme trip combines all elements of maximum level entertainment: the utlization of the equipments, extremely difficult ground and of course a peak dose of adrenaline for you. During the trip, you will get acquainted with driving on a difficult mountain terrain and you will be trained in terms of basic safety measures.
We organize unforgettable bachelorette and bachelor parties.


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If you want to provide your contractors or employees with unforgettable moments, you should contact us at once. Based on our 12-year experience, the biggest quad and snowmobile fleet in the region of Zakopane and our qualified personnel, we are able to organize inter alia:

  • quad trip,
  • snowmobile trip,
  • guided trip in the Tatra Mountains,
  • integration party with the highlanders' games
  • catering in the wild,
  • bonfire with roasting sausages and live highlanders' music,
  • shooting range contests,
  • helicopter sightseeing flight over Zakopane and the region,
  • off-road vehicle trip,
  • transport from and to the place of residence,


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Witów eXtreme conducts professional trainings on the use, basic service repairs and safe usage of quads and snowmobiles. The use of the above-mentioned machines is not a highly complicated operation but, like in the passenger car, it is essential to get to know general terms of use and safety rules.
Based on our long experience, we invite people who use quads or snowmobiles for work or private purposes. Very often the repair cost of a vehicle damaged by an inappropriate use is several times higher than the cost of the training. The course will be divided into two phases. During the first, theoretical, phase, basic information on the design and use of a quad/snowmobile, the rules of safe driving in the field will be presented. We will also instruct you on how to carry out basic service maintenance repair. During the second phase, we will set out on a trip together during which we will show you how to correctly drive the quad/snowmobile, how to deal with traverses, steep up- and downhills, how to behave in a dense forest and how to use the abilities of the equipment safely and correctly.

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Skuter śnieżny Summit

Sales Information

If you like higher adrenaline more than others read our current sales offer of quads and snowmobiles.
You can find new as well as used vehicles in our offer.
Each of used machines is thoroughly check in terms of technical condition and serviced before the sale.

Quad Can-Am Outlander

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