On our snowmobiles we will cross 1200 meters above sea level

We organize expeditions in a truly "wild", non-urbanized,

Tatra area.

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Snowmobile rental shop and trip organization

Witów eXtreme renders available a rental shop with a 20-year experience in organizing trips as well as servicing, optimal use and snowmobile driving lessons in Zakopane, Kościelisko and Witów. The range of our routes is over 350 km of unique and picturesque regions from Witów, where our rental shop is located, up to Zakopane and the nearby area.



Various snowmobile trips

If during trips you prefer calm, relaxing rides, you will certainly like a family trip on snowmobiles in Zakopane, the Tatra Mountains and Podhale. This kind of trip will provide you with pure joy contemplating the nature and the possibility to capture that moments on photographs.

And maybe you prefer a bigger dose of adrenaline? During the snowmobile trips in Zakopane we will make you remember the adventure for a long time.
It is worth highlighting that our sowmobile price list is uniquely attractive.




You don't have to know anything about the use of a snowmobile

Before the trip, we guarantee our guide will give you all necessary basic instructions on how to use a snowmobile and all necessary safety rules. Snowmobiles in Zakopane are one of the main adrenaline-raising challenges taken by tourists hungry for unsual experiences. This is the reason we emphasize a proper training of our guestes.

A short but comprehensive course that in combination with a trip is provided by our rental shop will give you safe and comfortable ride. In addition, during the entire trip, you will be accompanied by a guide who will give you advice and help you in case of any issues. The snowmobile price list includes this service for free, so you don't have to worry about any additional costs.

The snowmobiles in our Zakopane range are the latest Lynx machines, and those who had the chance to drive them, know the equipment is safe, reliable and comfortable during driving.


Snowmobile trip in Zakopane and the region offer

In terms of the snowmobiles, the price list offer the following bonuses:

- Supervision of a professional guide.
- Protection helmet during the trip.
- Expert training before the trip.
- Free car park.
- For at least 3-hour trips, roasting sausages at a fireside and hot beverages.

If you go with us for a snowmobile trip in Zakopane, you will remember it for a long time.

Set out for a trip with us and you will experience completely new, incomparable emotions. See it for yourself that there is a reason tourists appreciate and recall the snowmobiles in Zakopane. Check out how many unforgettable moments you can experience during a full of adrenaline trip organized by the Witów eXtreme snowmobile rental shop.

Let's ride!


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