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Quad rental and organization of quad trips

Witów eXtreme invites you for an adventure that will make the quads of Zakopane stay in you memory for long. During the trip, you will be able to watch the views of the beautiful nature of Zakopane or - if you want more extreme adventures - to fight with the unique terrain, the machine and your own weakness. Our quad and trip price list includes attractions virtually for any occasion and financial abilities.


Why it is worth to join us on a quad trip?

For 12 years of our presence on the market, our quad rental shop has explored Zakopane and the region perfectly - now we offer over 200 km of various routes and tracks differing from each other in terms of difficulty and the effort needed.
We guarantee you that renting a quad at Witów eXtreme will provide you with intensive emotions, valuable memories and unique view that you could not see anywhere else in Poland. Mountain tops, forest tracks, numerous hills and calming valleys of the Tatra Mountains and Podhale - you can visit all these unique landscapes with us, sitting comfortably in a quad seat.


It is worth to share happiness and joy

It is you who decide who you will share your new emotions with...

Professional care during quad trips

In Witów eXtreme, we provide qualified instructors that will instruct you on the vehicle use and show you how to safely operate the rented quad. Moreover, with our Zakopane rental shop, you will visit all the routes with a guide who will supervise the whole trip in person. You can be sure you will be satisfied - regardless of your experience.

And if you are an experienced off-roader, and you have been to Zakopane on a quad a few times, you can decide to have an extreme trip. We guarantee you that our 12-year knowledge and passion will let you get to know Zakopane on a quad from a completely different perspective. Feel the adrenaline and open yourself to excitement.

Quad rental offer

At Witów eXtreme, you rent quads for a small price, and you get the following bonuses for free:

- Helmet and protective equipment.

- Free car park at the rental shop.

- Expert training before the trip.

- Supervision of a professional guide.

- Photographs to rememeber the trip.

- Bonfire, roasted sausages and beverages (for trip exceeding 3 hours).

Our quad rental shop will show you Zakopane from a perspective you have not known yet. Browse the materials and gallery, and other services available on our website and chose a a perfect adventure for you. Visit us once and we guarantee you will plan the next visit before you return back home.

In case of question or interest in our offer, feel free to contact us - Witów eXtreme Team.


Witów 319

between the Kościeliska and Chochołowska Valleys

34-512 Witów

+48 575 000 758


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